Coming This Week: January 26th – February 1st

We say goodbye to the Bay Area and onto the next market, Los Angeles.  With some shows around Long Beach you can sure bet we will be making a visit the Queen Mary and the sweet Scottie Carleigh.   I don't know for sure how long we will be in Los Angeles and then San... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: January 19th-25th

We are a bit loose this week, just one show in Sunnyvale the rest of the time to see friends and family around The Bay Area.  So luxurious. Song of the Week: Fare Thee Well performed by Marcus Mumford and Oscar Isaac   Fun Phone Photo: Recap: We drove a slightly different route than... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: January 5th-11th

Best to start the year off with the wheels turning. After departing from our office in Detroit on Monday we will meet up with the Rohde & Schwarz truck in Dallas. Spending a few days there to get maintenance completed and the carpets cleaned will ease us into the first drive, to The Bay Area.... Continue Reading →

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