Coming This Week: January 19th-25th

We are a bit loose this week, just one show in Sunnyvale the rest of the time to see friends and family around The Bay Area.  So luxurious.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Fare Thee Well performed by Marcus Mumford and Oscar Isaac


Fun Phone Photo:


Recap: We drove a slightly different route than normal through California, into the heart of agriculture. Both Josh and I grew up in some of this country’s most epic farmland. Seeing an entirely different definition of farming here was shocking. The labor intrusive nature of what it grow here was eye opening, I am used to huge farm enterprises with a largely mechanized processes. Viewing individually wrapped stalked, intricate irrigation tubing and the amount of fruit trees to be picked it’s a whole different world.

Saw Inside Llewyn Davis this week, love the Coen Brothers but was not a huge fan of this flick. Over my head I guess.

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