Sedentary Life

We are making a pretty big shift this week. After spending the last 12 months moving locations ever few days we have moved into the corporate apartment and it looks like we will be around for a while. Josh refers to it as "play house", we get to cook and spread out stuff out, plus... Continue Reading →

Traveling with a Chance of Office Work

I do have a quick update for those wondering what is next for Josh and me. First off to clear up a few things; we are not contractors, we are full-time employees of MRA. While our tour ended we are not out of a job or have any fear of being out of a job.... Continue Reading →

All This Junk

One of the not-so-fun parts about going back to the company's headquarters in Detroit to wrap up a tour is moving out of the semi.  When we turn the truck in for repairs and maintenance we have to also take all of our stuff out of it.  Since we have been in that tractor for... Continue Reading →

Loyal Patron

We wrapped up our year-long tour with the Library of Congress on Sunday and were greeted again by those delightful little stink bugs once we hit Virginia. It was an instant reminder we really have been gone for a year. Saturday was a much tougher than I had expected; so many friendly faces and hugs... Continue Reading →

Right on Target

Back in the days when I was still working product promotions in Minneapolis I would have killed to do an event for Target Beauty! But alas I've grown up and get "stuck" on the museum tours. Thankfully I can live vicariously through Traci and crash her events. Lucky for me last week she was just... Continue Reading →

Gotta Have Friends

We would never be able to have stayed with this career for three years without the support of loving families and giving friends. During our most recent visit to Virginia those amazing Campbells let us borrow a car! Yeah drove to meet up and lent us a car. I recall that one of Josh's buddies... Continue Reading →

What is it That You Do? Part 3

Figured it was about time to write another segment about our crazy job. One element that is my responsibility and completed daily is logistics. What I mean by that term is that I plan the daily movements of team members and equipment. I schedule and plan our arrivals, departures and movements. I book hotels, find... Continue Reading →

AAM – Day 3 (fin)

Ugg, so now that the convention is completed I have all the time in the world to stew about all the things I didn't do. That darn hindsight, gets you every time. The Library of Congress exhibit is not scheduled by requests, so many of the folks we talked too were only looking for that... Continue Reading →

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