Less Than Glamorous

Since we share on here how much fun our job is and the adventures we have I thought it was about time to let you see some of the sucky parts. When I say we travel I mean it, we are itinerate workers. We do not set our own travel schedule, even though I do... Continue Reading →

Invasion of the Tiny Turtles

A few years ago while camping we were invaded by turtles, matting turtles. Yesterday we were caught in the middle of the end result of that activity when a hatch of tiny snapping turtles invaded our event site. While Josh taking a call he noticed the first one crawling from under the truck, unfortunately in... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask Me

You know why really grinds my gears? Being asked overly personal questions by strangers, just because my seems like your business doesn't mean it is. When someone finds out how much Josh and I travel with this job a usually reaction is a bit of shock followed by the same questions, every time. I know... Continue Reading →

I Heart My Client

I would never say something negative about one of our clients on this blog, but I will share the positive.  We have been with Rohde & Schwarz for almost three months now, traveled about half the country too.  We have visited two of their central offices and met more employees than I can recall.  I’m... Continue Reading →

Our New Tour

Some of you have been waiting very patiently for us to reveal our new client/tour. I wish that there was some exciting reason for waiting but I had to get approval to put it out there. We are excited to be working with Rohde & Schwarz a German based test and measurements company. This is... Continue Reading →

Click, Click, Wow

Having some new lens love this week! I'm now the proud owner of a lovely wide angle lens. Making our shots of the truck much more dynamic. This baby is great for the low light of exhibit interiors. So in a word this lens actually makes my job a bit easier, I don't have to... Continue Reading →

The Crazy Days

My job by its nature in not structured, not even close. Some days we are working on the truck for thirteen hours and some weeks we only work a handful. Yesterday was one of those long days. Actually this week will be long. We are launching a new tour, I still don't have permission to... Continue Reading →

American Welding Society Tour

Today we are leaving for our week in Toronto and to learn a new tour. We are escorting The Careers in Welding trailer put together by the American Welding Society sponsored by Lincoln Electric. The last time I was around a welder was in high school, yes I took Ag Mechanics. It would have been... Continue Reading →

Back Out There

As I mentioned last week we are back on the road, for a little bit at least. We had to pack up our stuff and then pack it into the truck. So this post is really for Josh..... I hate to admit it but I over pack! There are two good reasons for this, when... Continue Reading →

My Little Red Notebook

While I am a technology person, nearly inseparable from my Blackberry, I do also carry an "old school" date book. A hot little red number by Moleskine. Honestly I would be lost without it. A few months ago I misplaced it for two days and could hardly remember my name. It seems silly but there... Continue Reading →

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