Less Than Glamorous

Since we share on here how much fun our job is and the adventures we have I thought it was about time to let you see some of the sucky parts. When I say we travel I mean it, we are itinerate workers. We do not set our own travel schedule, even though I do the logistics; as I spoke about on Tuesday. We don’t get a choice as to where we go or when we go. This means we often miss seeing people by a day or run into bad weather.

Setting up in the rain
Setting up in the rain

We also miss holidays. This is one reason why we value friendships so much, while we aren’t normally home for the 4th of July we try to network enough to have a place to go and special people to have time off with. We miss birthdays, wedding, graduations and parties. We miss births and deaths. We are also missed by loved ones. Our extended families in Texas and California see us often but the ones in Illinois don’t.

Josh and I do this job willingly, we have many other career options but chose this one. We both love our work and our clients. This is a lifestyle we enjoy but it’s not all fun. We get homesick and heartsick for family. We often get asked how much longer we are going to stay on the road; that’s an uncomfortable question. Honestly I don’t know. There is no desire to leave this behind but I don’t see doing this for 20 more years. For now we are happy and challenged, when that changes I imagine our attitude will as well.

I know Nancy and Emily are going to read this; I adore you gals and love you as a client. You know that!!!

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

4 thoughts on “Less Than Glamorous

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  1. I am not the biggest fan of travel. Sidney is a horrible traveler. He cries the whole time that I am in the car with them. Shelby is much better,but the noise of the crying can really get to you quickly. It is wonderful that you enjoy your work. So many people do not and it must be sad to start the day with a bad attitude. Thanks for including us on you travels.

  2. I love that you and Josh love what you do. You are both professionals and take your job seriously. Not having you around the corner makes our visits that much more precious. I could not do what you do, but I am glad you can! You Rock!

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