Traveling with a Chance of Office Work

I do have a quick update for those wondering what is next for Josh and me. First off to clear up a few things; we are not contractors, we are full-time employees of MRA. While our tour ended we are not out of a job or have any fear of being out of a job. With that said I don’t know what we will be going out with next, there are not tours launching until 2012 that fit our skill set. It looks like we will be working with the sales and marketing staff over the next few months. This will include being in Detroit most of the time but then accompany a “prospect” truck out on national sales calls. The good news of this is that I have no idea where we might be showing up over the winter (hopefully out west) the bad news is I might only have a few days notice to let you know we’re coming close. I will continue to post a weekly schedule on Sundays and when possible post any updates at the bottom of posts. I do hope this is an opportunity to see some new places and get a little adventure under our belts.


***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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  1. Oh boy!! It will be interesting for you both. New things to do. Least it is a break from the routine that you had and gives you a breather. ENJOY and yes the west is beautiful!! We will keep up with your schedule and we want to see you and Pippi ANYTIME!! Ok?

    Diana and Jazzi

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