What is it That You Do? Part 3

Figured it was about time to write another segment about our crazy job. One element that is my responsibility and completed daily is logistics. What I mean by that term is that I plan the daily movements of team members and equipment. I schedule and plan our arrivals, departures and movements. I book hotels, find rental cars and most of the time try to pre-plan restaurants. In addition to that when we decide to go on vacation it is also my job to work out the flights, pickups and hotels for others that replace Josh and I.

It is safe to say that I know a thing or two about travel arrangements. I also know how to get the most out of hotels. We get all kinds of bonuses and rewards.

Just this week I booked four hotels, three cars and worked out the incoming additional staff. Oh yes we are going to be training a new employee to help on our tour. This is super exciting, means that we will soon be able to get more time off.

5 thoughts on “What is it That You Do? Part 3

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  1. Hi there Abigail and co

    Glad to hear you are training someone up to help you. Your work schedule sounds frightening (all the responsibility of planes, hotels and timings would make our hooman too worried).

    Bet you have loads of mini shampoos and soaps from the hotels lol.

    Hector’s hooman

    PS: Loved the term ‘Sisfur’ in your comment you left on our bloggie. Girl dogs are not always combatible with each other and EVEN though Bonny seems to have adopted Lucy, I don’t leave them alone in same room, just to be on safe side. Hector takes it all in his stride. Think he could cope with a full hareem….(in his dreams)

  2. You are certainly gaining experience as a Personal Assistant. Maybe it’ll be a job option for when you stop travelling.

    Can see the problems with limiting what you can carry. Most of us have way too much stuff anyway. There must be a happy medium.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

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