Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road

This is our second week in Texas and our second week of fun! Yeah I'm going to keep with the Texas is awesome phase for a little while. Last week put us in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Waco, both crazy fun cities. While near Dallas we were able to have a home cooked meal... Continue Reading →

Our 4th the Tourist Part

Along with spending the weekend with friends and enjoying wholesome activities we also tour a few local hot spots.  Before the grandkids arrived our friend's parents took us on a county-wide tasting.  These are still a little new for us but so much fun.  We started at Veritas Winery where our hosts were members.  You... Continue Reading →

Sand In My Shoes

Do not fear, we were able to make it back out to the beach last week. Not just any beach, a dog beach. What I know of dog beaches are areas that allow dogs to slash around and get dirty, not a place to hang out. This was not what I expected, everyone sets up... Continue Reading →


Just like everyone else we never see what's in our backyard, the "yard" here being Illinois. I will always consider myself to be from the Land of Lincoln and love it there. While Reflections visited Chicago we took a swing into a Frank Loyd Wright home. The Ginkgo House is the home he built and... Continue Reading →

Power Through It

A result of my laptop crashing was that a new operating system had to be installed and all of my software. As you can guess the "new" operating system has hiccups. Parts of the laptop no longer work, programs don't install right and I don't have disks with me. So I lost photoshop, I am... Continue Reading →

From Holland with Love

Now I am a firm believer that this is the perfect way to start your weekend! A sampler from a killer MicoBrewey call New Holland Brewery in Holland, MI set the mood right. With the aid of some liquid relaxants we headed to the beach. I am not a huge fan of sand in the... Continue Reading →

We’re Back, I Swear

I know that postings have been a little lacking. As much as I love my job it has been stressful as a of late. So many shows and tour changes have had me hitting the hay instead of logging on. It's certainly not due to the fact that we have not been on the road... Continue Reading →

Wrong but So Right

I have spoken numerous times about the time demands of this job. That we are often working for weeks with little break and even then it is on the open road. When we first started this job there were many time that we did not take full advantage of this downtime. We vowed to start... Continue Reading →

Howdy Partner

We are moving to Wyoming!!!!! First step was to get a mailbox in Cheyenne, we have just a little bit of paperwork left and boom! We did this while on our visit to Cheyenne, what a wonderful city.Our show with Reflections was hosted in Cheyenne for just two days but stayed there four. After missing... Continue Reading →

Love My Job

We have only been back on the road for two days but already we are reminded why this job is so amazing.Here is the sunset from the first night we were out.Today we are parked in La Crosse, WI and what an amazing place. I actually think this might be our new home. As for... Continue Reading →

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