Just like everyone else we never see what’s in our backyard, the “yard” here being Illinois. I will always consider myself to be from the Land of Lincoln and love it there. While Reflections visited Chicago we took a swing into a Frank Loyd Wright home. The Ginkgo House is the home he built and shared with his family. It was amazing, even with a terrible tour guild. I wish would have had an hour per room. I am a big fan of the build in closets and shelves, have to say that my mind dabbled in little fantasises about living like normal people again. Naw…. I live the dream baby. It was amazing to be in Illinois and we got to visit with some dear friends from college. I feel like there is a trend starting here. It is pretty easy to tour a historic home in just an hour or two. You can get a bit of the person, the area and the culture of the time. Plus Josh loves it.

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