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A few weeks ago in a “Travel Tuesday” post I shared a few of the mobile apps that Josh and I can’t live without. Well this list didn’t include any social selections. I wanted that post to be more about the things you might not have on your phone. We both use Facebook throughout the day for entertainment but the first thing I check in the morning (well after Lululemon for any new sales) is Instagram. We follow friends, a few interesting users and even some brands. Most of us subscribe to the marketing emails of some of our favorite brands and online stores, Instagram is nice for those and maybe a few that you just enjoy. I don’t want my inbox clogged up with direct marketing emails, well you could almost call it leafleting. Unless it is a store that I am actively thinking about purchasing from or the subject really draws me in, they get deleted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve deleted an email from Athleta but then noticed on Instagram later that there was a sale I wanted to check out.


Instagram is engaging and brief, a great place for brands to create impressions. My own firm has recently started in Instagram account to reach a new audience. While all the content flows through one of two employees for posting, it originates from all employees.   We are encouraged to share images that speak to more than just the events we do or the day-to-day work. We as employees at times have to fight to be seen by clients as more than just a figure when calculating logistics. Being field staff can be a struggling in having a life outside of work, the Instagram account helps not only to put a face on the brand but also for recruitment. I just shared an image of Josh and I visiting the Alamo on our day off. We are Texas residents and were grateful to have the time off for exploring some Texas history. There are many marketing firms who use Instagram in this way, sharing moments of their staff working with client brands. While others publish their finished works as more of a resume. Both then become available as prospective clients seek out this information after seeing one of these programs in the field.


There is one more way that Instagram is becoming an integral part of the mobile experiential world. Programs and events are using it as part of the brand message. Jack Daniel’s recently did this for their Motel No. 7 campaign. Accounts where created for different team members of the program, acting as characters. Each accounts featured teasers before the event and images during, appealing to different consumers and creating a whole story. These account reach far beyond the actual program to consumers across the globe, all messages were carefully chosen to showcase selected brand attributes. What makes this mobile platform so useful to experiential programs is that by capturing something great in the moment then it can be easily and instantly shared with consumers, and across other platforms. Brands with mobile experiential programs are encouraging their field staff to find ways of catching these engaging moments and shaping then with context to push the message. The project I am currently on is not for public consumption but on past programs I have enjoyed this part of my job immensely. Not only does Instagram help the brands but it can also be a link to employees outside of the office.


**For my regular readers this post has a slightly different format, as it is part of my coarse work for SNHU.


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  1. Instagram is a great tool to use for a business. People can search by clicking on your hashtag, etc. Having used Instagram personally and professionally, I find it very difficult to flipflop between the two. Not being able to access Instagram on my desktop also limits the application to mobile only users. I did find that using an app call Latergram I was able to schedule images from the desktop or my mobile for myself or another user to post at a schedule time. Having a business mobile is essential for using Instagram for the business.

  2. I enjoyed your blog; I agree with you that Instagram is a great application for companies to use to create brand impressions and to engage with new customers. Like you mentioned Instagram is a great resource for all businesses to use, as it provides eight solids reasons on how it can benefit your company.
    1. Pictures can tell the entire story
    2. Provides a behind the scenes look
    3. It encourages customer participation
    4. Allows your business to have a personality
    5. It build trust for your brand
    6. You are talk about more
    7. It promotes special events
    8. You could go viral



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