Everything Is Bigger in Texas Pt. 2

So after spending three wonderful days with the Bairds we checking into the Gaylord Texan to get ready for our set up day. This place is ridiculous, I would never recommend to anyone. Service was ok but they charge for everything, you pay to stay there and on top of that you get charged a daily access fee for two bottles of water use of the gym and pools. If you receive a package they charge you $10, if you need to use the printer you get charged a fee and then for the printing. The food was terrible and for what it cost it was just an average hotel room. However there were some cool parts; like the toy trains that are everywhere, the pool was super nice.

You can see me working very hard here.

We had our site set up day on Tuesday and got done in about five hours to that meant we got the day off! We spent it in the pool and looking for cowboy boots. They are for me, did not find a pair that was perfect. I need to be able to work in them but got to have something with a little flair. The event went ok only five guests showed up and it was really hot. Dallas was a blast but that was mostly because of Kathy Baird. We can’t wait to go back just not to the Gaylord.

I got to leave the tour for a few days to fly home for my family cookout. So Josh hit the road to Seattle with our tour manager Bert. I wasn’t the only one with an adventurous weekend, in Denver Josh had to get a rental truck because they left a fuel pump in Kansas! We will be going back to Denver at the tours end to pick it back up.

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