Josh Featured on Company Site

Our employer, MRA, just launched it’s newly redone website. The page about the Lincoln Tour features an image of Josh giving a tour. I took that photo too. The Mazda tour page is all photos we took.

Hanging out in Detroit

We are going to be in Detroit till Christmas break. There local shows with some of the trucks, we are staying on Lincoln. This is a chance for us to meet the other drivers and teams, everyone is sprinkling back into the area. We get to work with our buddy from Mazda again too. We are trying to keep busy helping out around the shop and office.

Showcase of models of the Trucks

Mazda Burt Cleaning a truck with Josh

Josh looking thrilled I am taking his picture

Looking Back – Utah

Wanted to share with you some of the beauty we found on our trip across the country. You all know I love Seattle but what knocked my socks off was Utah. Somehow it is a stunning, a barren amazing range of desert and mountains. Here are some shots we took at a rest stop.

So Vast

No Josh I can climb out further but they won’t

Yeah I still got it 🙂

On the Road Again

We hit the trail, heading to Detroit first to drop off our truck from Mazda and meet up with the Lincoln Tour in Newark, OH. Like all of our other trips this one included a visit or two. We got to See Nathan in his full glory bartending at PJs in Sycamore. Got to have breakfast with Mat and Kim but the real highlight was showing everyone the truck. Josh went up a couple of notched with Jonas.

Again we had a wonderful couple of days off and there will be lots of missing going on. Willa is with a new family she is doing great.

Man I love Seattle

This tour stop was my second time in Seattle; the first was a sunny spring weekend earlier this year with my buddy Jeff. Since I was coming from my visit home and Josh was drive from Dallas I got there a day early and had a chance to see my good friend Ric Peterson. We did a little shopping and then headed to his home out on Vashon Island, yes we took the ferry!!! This was the first time I was able to meet his family. It was a beautiful place; on my morning jog I saw not a single house that looked the same. Everyone was unique and very interestingly landscaped. The prefect way to start the day.

The Petersons

We were to be staying at the famous Edgewater, a place just referenced in the movie we saw in Dallas! Wow was it a cool hotel, it is decorated in this rustic style that is modified to be very contemporary. Our room was on the top floor and had a view of the canal. We decided that we want to decorate our bedroom and bathroom like the hotel’s. Even the artwork was our style.

There as not lack of seafood for dinner, we ate at a number of good places, including the amazing restaurant at the hotel. We do splurge every once and a while. There was nothing about this hotel that I did not fall in love with, even the staff was great. And….. they don’t charge for dogs in the rooms, Seattle is known to be a very dog friendly city.

All of this was a blast but the real highlight of the trip was seeing an old friend from college, Ray Bunk. He works as a Police Officer in a town near by. We met him one afternoon at Pike’s Place. Now this would be fun to wander around as a tourist but to have a guild made it so much better. There are floors and floors of cool little shops and the fish market was a hoot. The entire area is beautiful and all bustling. The cap of the day was heading to a very authentic Irish Pub, Kells, for lunch and cheer. They laughed over college shenanigans and how life has changed, I enjoyed the local beers. To me Seattle to such a lovely city even in the rain I think it looks amazing. The people are wonderful and just about the most friendly you will find. I can’t wait to come back. Actually we are thinking about coming to see Ray on a little vacation.

Josh and Ray

Kells Irish Pub

Josh being a tourist at Pikes Place (Go Pigs!)

Last stop in Seattle was to the original Three Dog Bakery for some Pupcakes.

Everything Is Bigger in Texas Pt. 2

So after spending three wonderful days with the Bairds we checking into the Gaylord Texan to get ready for our set up day. This place is ridiculous, I would never recommend to anyone. Service was ok but they charge for everything, you pay to stay there and on top of that you get charged a daily access fee for two bottles of water use of the gym and pools. If you receive a package they charge you $10, if you need to use the printer you get charged a fee and then for the printing. The food was terrible and for what it cost it was just an average hotel room. However there were some cool parts; like the toy trains that are everywhere, the pool was super nice.

You can see me working very hard here.

We had our site set up day on Tuesday and got done in about five hours to that meant we got the day off! We spent it in the pool and looking for cowboy boots. They are for me, did not find a pair that was perfect. I need to be able to work in them but got to have something with a little flair. The event went ok only five guests showed up and it was really hot. Dallas was a blast but that was mostly because of Kathy Baird. We can’t wait to go back just not to the Gaylord.

I got to leave the tour for a few days to fly home for my family cookout. So Josh hit the road to Seattle with our tour manager Bert. I wasn’t the only one with an adventurous weekend, in Denver Josh had to get a rental truck because they left a fuel pump in Kansas! We will be going back to Denver at the tours end to pick it back up.

Everything IS Bigger in Texas

Stop number four on our tour was Dallas. This will be a two part post since we actually arrived in Dallas three days early and were able to spent that time with Larry and Kathy Baird. Pulling into the Gaylord Texan early on Sunday evening we were picked up by the Bairds. This was a huge treat from me, I have gotten little chance to get to know them over the years. We really only see everyone when it is a large family gathering. They took us over to their stunning house in TX. Kathy said that she would take us around later and show us the really big houses. After dinner and some chatting we got to do a little laundry. Pippi and Willa were having a blast, they were able to play in the fenced in yard all night. Willa even went for a little swim, I would bet Pippi had something to do with that. We made a little game plan for the nest day and hit the hay.

I had to run around and do some shopping so after a few errands we chilled out and saw a movie. Burn After Reading was another Coan Brothers masterpiece, not for everyone but we are big fans. After another nice evening it was time to move into the hotel and get ready for our event. So thank you Bairds for a wonderful visit and I still can’t get over those enormous mansions.