First Night Apart

Last night was the first night the girls had to sleep in the truck. We stayed at a Howard Johnson where there was no way to sneak them in; yes we do not pay for our dogs to stay at most hotels. We drove almost a full 500 miles to Lafayette, LA and it was already after 7:00. A long walk later and much discussion about where we were going to eat the dogs were tucked away in their crates in the truck. The huge cabin we have in the truck has two couched that fold out into twin beds, a sink, toilet and shower. This would all the great if the water worked, but the space is nice. I take naps back there. It also has windows and a vent fan, so we can keep it cool while the truck is not running.

We hopped in a cab and went to the Blue Dog Cafe, a place I had read about and was super excited to go to. Our table was right up front and the blues band playing was amazing. They even did a CCR tune!!! Josh went for the grilled shrimp and I did a crayfish combo dish. On this rare occasion I picked the better entree, usually my desire for seafood gives Josh the better pick but he cleaned up my plate too. One slice a key lime pie later and it was bed time.

One more item to note and a something we find significant, we said hello to the big river again!

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