Everything IS Bigger in Texas

Stop number four on our tour was Dallas. This will be a two part post since we actually arrived in Dallas three days early and were able to spent that time with Larry and Kathy Baird. Pulling into the Gaylord Texan early on Sunday evening we were picked up by the Bairds. This was a huge treat from me, I have gotten little chance to get to know them over the years. We really only see everyone when it is a large family gathering. They took us over to their stunning house in TX. Kathy said that she would take us around later and show us the really big houses. After dinner and some chatting we got to do a little laundry. Pippi and Willa were having a blast, they were able to play in the fenced in yard all night. Willa even went for a little swim, I would bet Pippi had something to do with that. We made a little game plan for the nest day and hit the hay.

I had to run around and do some shopping so after a few errands we chilled out and saw a movie. Burn After Reading was another Coan Brothers masterpiece, not for everyone but we are big fans. After another nice evening it was time to move into the hotel and get ready for our event. So thank you Bairds for a wonderful visit and I still can’t get over those enormous mansions.

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