A little Break

The company we work for allows for you take time off the tour for family events and such. Since the truck can’t leave the road you have to fly; so I flew to Chicago and road down with my uncle Matt to Mt. Sterling for my family’s annual cookout. My grandparents’ birthdays and anniversary are all about the same time so we celebrate them with a big party. Usually my mom and Matt have a competition over something for lunch, one year it was ribs!! There is a bond fire with sing a longs provided by uncle Mike, marshmallows toasting and hay rides. This is the first one we have had since my grandfather passed away; so we did it right. My entire family was there including Grandma’s sisters; it was incredible.

The day started with my first introduction to Elizabeth, she is so beautiful. I had not seen my brother and his family since my wedding. Derrick is so big and just talks all the time, his imagination is incredible. He is a very special little guy, melts my heart. Dorothy has become a little girl that has daddy wrapped around her finger, she smiles and laughs at everything my dad does. She is getting to be known for randomly making these funny voices and gets us all rolling. Now sweet baby Elizabeth is no exception to the cute Rigg babies, she has a full head of black hair and dark skin. She looks a lot like Mom and me. After a pancake breakfast we all headed out to the farm. Phyllis flew in and came with Vickie, I am spoiled I get to see her more then anyone and just was at her house a few months ago.
Mom was running gaiter rides and my cousins got a chance to drive too. Sam let is slip that Josh had let her drive a year ago! After lunch and some lazy afternoon chatting it was time to get dinner going and the fire up. Mike out did himself this year; he hooked up three amps, one with his electric guitar and the others with wireless mics. It was a rock’n evening. After a night of that much fun I was glad to be able to just chill out on the ride back to DeKalb.

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