Fear and Lothing

Today was one for the books! We left LA this morning to head to Denver, the route taken famous Hwy 15 to Vegas. We stopped for lunch in Barstow; at the In and Out Burger! Headed off the beaten path a bit to Needle, CA where we met up with a good friend from college names Tavis. Not just a good friend, Josh best friend. He lives in Lake Havisue. They reminisced and told old stories of the glory days, to the shock of Tavis’s lady. I was there foe most of these tales of drunken shenanigans, but even still it would take a lot out of those boys to shock me. We wrapped up the drive by making it though Vegas, you can see the strip well from 15. It really is amazing. We Viva-ed our way down the line the Sirius radio to the all Elvis station.

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