Coming This Week: July 31st – August 6th

This week we will be spending part of the time in Detroit.  Josh is heading to Indianapolis while I am going home to spend some time with my folks.  Next week I’ll be home still and Josh will be in Detroit, his is working with a lower mileage program this summer.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Hurricane Season – Trombone Shorty


Week in Review: This week was pretty uneventful, we didn’t work any events just helped out in the shop.  This post is late due to a last minute canoe trip on Chippewa River.

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Coming This Week: July 24th – 30th

I actually have no idea where we will be this week.  We are starting the week still at home with my folks and then heading back to Detroit.  I am certain that there will be some travel and adventure to have but I don’t know what that will be.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men

Week in Review:  Last week I mentioned that we were at a pretty cool festival in Indiana, it was the Three Rivers Festival.  There were a number of unique “happenings”, the actual festival is spread out in different area parks.  Each location has a bit of a focus, we were near the carnival and not far from Junk Food Alley.  There were concerts, car shows, craft shows, and raft races.  Homemade boats sponsored by local businesses raced on one of the rivers, but to add a little fun many had water cannons and balloons.  We stayed and watched the race, witnessing battles between spectators and the teams.  So you can either row to win or swerve close to shore and bombard the crowds.  It was awesome. Every festival should do this.  We spend most of last week with my folks, helping out while my dad is recovering from surgery.

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Coming This Week: July 17th – 23rd

This being summer and our full-time tour being on hiatus, we are getting the opportunity to work with a bunch of different programs.  This week we will touch two tours before heading home for a mini-vacation.  I can say that I know where we will be this week but not next.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Fire and the Flood – Vance Joy


Week in Review: Well we spent the weekend (and part of the week) in Fort Wayne, IN.  This was an opportunity to learn a program our company has for Sprint, a bit related to the one we work most of the year.  I have to admit that we both had some preconceived notions about the area and boy were we wrong.  The downtown area is wonderful, more than a few interesting restaurants.  Two really stuck out and warranted multiple visits.  A little place called Dash-In had an interesting menu with creative items like a pesto grilled cheese and only microbrews from the bar.  The real gem was a nicer place called Club Soda, picking entrees was a challenge due to the entire menu was amazing.  The real feature of this place is that all the steaks were Iowa raised.  When it comes to fine dining we can be a bit picky buy Club Soda passed that test (soft butter and black napkins, both a sign that staff and management are attentive and don’t skip details).  This was certainly nothing like expected and I know that we will both not pass on an opportunity to come back.  The actual festival we were at would rival many State Fairs in the attendance and size.

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Coming This Week: June 12th – 18th

Well I sure have been away too long and there is much to talk about.  Since this is the summer marketing tour season Josh and I have put on different project for a few weeks.  This sometimes happens where are so many great programs out and we are both a fit for more than one.  So after spending a few days with my folks in Illinois I am going back to Michigan to pick up the Aerie Summer Real Tour and taking that to the East Coast.  Josh is spending his time out west.  Today is actually Josh’s 40th birthday, while we aren’t together he did get to spend it with some family in Wyoming.  I guess I just make it extra special when I do see him next.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Whole Lotta Love – Fats Domino


Week in Review: So much has happened since I last posted.  I finished and walked in graduation for my masters degree.  We wrapped up the spring tour season and have begun summer which had included new projects.  We have seen so much of our families.  I was in the horrible Texas flooding.  Josh has been out to Colorado and Wyoming.  Pippi has an adorable new lab friend.  My goodness just so much.

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Coming This Week: April 10th – 16th

This week we are enjoying sunny Seattle, not kidding the weather is fantastic up here right now.  I am convinced that the “rainy Seattle” is a myth to keep people from moving up here.  Next week we are in Albuquerque, this is the first time we have had an actual show.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: I Turn My Camera On – Spoon

Week in Review:

I’ve just been plain lazy the last few weeks, can’t say I’ve been too busy.  We had some lovely visits with friends and family in San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Houston and Illinois.  As you can see below work too us to a pretty cool site, SpaceX in Seattle.

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Coming This Week: February 21st – 27th

From the beach to the desert!  We are wrapping up our time in California, well for a few weeks anyhow.  This week will be spent in Arizona before making our way to Nevada.

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Song of the Week: Mirror in the Bathroom – The English Beat

Week in Review: I wish I could say we enjoyed another week of California sunshine but honestly it rained most of the time.  As we are leaving for Arizona right now it is once again blue skies. Oh well.  The crummy weather couldn’t make the week too bad since we were able to have dinner with two of our favorite people, Lynn of Rocky Creek and her daughter Kat.   Seeing Kat is always a highlight of our California time and visiting with Lynn was a huge bonus.   Safe travels back to Rocky Creek.

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The Word Experiential 

One of the books I recent finished, via my library with Overdrive, was Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks. It was a pretty interesting read, I enjoy scientific writings but had little exposure to neuroscience before this book. The text covered some of the types of hallucinations and what kinds of conditions can cause them. One of the terms that came up was experiential, how even though the person having the hallucination can be aware of it, they are still fully enveloped in the sensations. I found this interesting, “mobile experiential” is the term we use to describe our industry. This job is all about creating an environment to surround participants with a desired message.  We want you to experience the brand and leave with some kind of emotional connection to it.

How We Roll


As I have been working through the program for my masters degree I noticed two things about how the term “mobile experiential” is interpreted. First of all in much of the marketing world “mobile” refers to efforts seeking to make an impression via those delightful handheld devices we all have (well expect you Dave). The other stumbling block I ran into is that “experiential” is not a widely known avenue for brand marketing. Outside of sponsorship there aren’t enough firms that put on events. And boy can they benefit from connecting directly with customers.


While the end goal of each mobile experiential campaign might be different the opportunities it presents are similar. First you get the opportunity to put something physical and hands-on with your message. Secondly you are right there with customers, talking to them, hearing their feedback. This is especially effective when they are saturated in your message. The reason a brand would choose to put a mobile on the road is they see a need or have the desire to put something physical with their message.   How that program is shaped and developed is endless.

The Big Show

When it comes to actual tours, it is the folks in the field who have the real task of implementing these programs. Someone can design a great trailer, dynamic programming, and invite the right people but unless the person working that show that day is committed to the goals it won’t be effective.  Brands entrust to us to be the front line, the connection to customers.  My own firm takes into consideration a number of factors before pairing a team with a program.  This process seeks put the best possible skill set to match what the program goals are.  That can be kind of tough at times.  We have been passed over for projects we wanted because management saw us as a better fit for something else.  The same goes for anymore working as a contractor in this business, while you might be incredibly qualified sometimes a different person is just a better fit for the brand.


This is why we work so hard to make ourselves everyone “ideal”.  This is one of the reasons why I am getting a master’s degree.  Josh and I figured out years ago that to be the team that every brand would want one of needed a graduate degree.  Well I lost the round of Roshambo and here I am; one week from completing my degree.