Coming This Week: February 7th – 11th

Alright we are west bound!  This weekend we made the big run from Texas to California.  We will be in California for a while, moving from the Bay Area, to LA, and also San Diego.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Going to California – Led Zeppelin

Week in Review: We spent a few blissful days off with our buddy at his farm near San Antonio.  There was some time before we got back to work for a day trip to Fredericksburg, TX and Enchanted Rock State Park.  While Fredericksburg is just a bit outside of San Antonio I don’t think we would have visited without prompting. Made me realize how often we stick around the city (whatever city) instead of finding a fun little town for a weekend off.   That was a perk of the Library of Congress tour we did a few years back.  The stops were only in small towns and we saw some of the most delightful communities.

Fun Photo of the Week:


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