There is certainly lots of “advice” we can give on traveling, but I try to keep these Travel Tuesday posts a bit more focused on tips for living on the road.  Little ways we deal with being itinerant, as well as not having a residence to go back to.  We don’t ever look forward to sleeping in our own bed, because we don’t have one.  My folks have a hard time getting a good nights rest in a hotel, that is just something you have to get past in our line of work.  I’m not saying that some people we work with don’t carry their own pillow and such but you honestly never know what you will get in a hotel bed.


That is just the half of it.  We prefer to sleep with the heavy room curtains open, waking better with some natural light.  That’s not gonna be an option when there is a neon sign shining in the window.  So once again a preferred routine is mucked up.  What can we do?  Noise doesn’t wake me but changes in light do.  We have tried a number of things over the years but the one thing that consistently helps with a full night’s sleep is Melatonin.

Five more minutes
Five more minutes

I hadn’t thought to share this until last week; after spending some time with members of the marketing team from our client.  One person remarked on getting little sleep and being frustrated that he had forgotten to pack melatonin.  Well yeah!!!  That stuff works.  Now it isn’t a sleep aid but instead a supplement that helps in getting your body into a natural sleep rhythm.  Take it about 30 minutes before you want to be asleep and you may just benefit like us.


I wish you all sweet dreams and bright mornings.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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