Coming This Week: April 10th – 16th

This week we are enjoying sunny Seattle, not kidding the weather is fantastic up here right now.  I am convinced that the “rainy Seattle” is a myth to keep people from moving up here.  Next week we are in Albuquerque, this is the first time we have had an actual show.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: I Turn My Camera On – Spoon

Week in Review:

I’ve just been plain lazy the last few weeks, can’t say I’ve been too busy.  We had some lovely visits with friends and family in San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Houston and Illinois.  As you can see below work too us to a pretty cool site, SpaceX in Seattle.

Fun Photo of the Week:


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  1. Was great getting to see the SpaceX falcon 9 launch last week…bet there were a bunch of happy people there


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