Amazing Amazon Lockers

Something we often get asked about is, how we get our mail.  Managing your post is a fairly difficult aspect of road life.  Most people we know have a mailbox (not a PO box but a UPS Store or the like).  This requires calling and arranging for the collected contents to be shipped out.  We have had issues in the past with particular places falling short in expected service. It is a headache but a necessity.

Online shopping is whole different ballgame.  Choices have to be made based on logistics, should I ship to my mailbox and pay for it to be shipped to me later or figure out a time when we will be at one hotel for an extended period.  Amazon has come up with a way to help us out, Amazon Lockers.  These gems save us and provide some logistical wiggle room.

The bright yellow lockers are located in a variety of locations (think 7 Eleven), allowing us to ship not to a hotel but to a locker that might just be on the way to an event site.  We are stuck at a hotel if we need to wait for a package.  With the Locker delivery option we just grab a cell phone, scan in the code at the selected locker and let getting a package fit into our day.  These were implemented due to issues some customers were having with packages getting stolen from their front step.  While we aren’t the typical user, it’s truly amazing.  I would recommend these to anyone shopping Amazon, take a look and see if there is one along your commute and for those road warriors, enjoy another wonderful benefit of Prime.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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