My Momma Loves Me

My mom made Blue Moon Cupcakes!!!!!!!  She is a big fan of Pinterest, saw the recipe and thought I would like them.  And boy do I like them, absolutely delicious.  They have a slight hint of orange and the beer gives it a hardy flavor without being heavy.  She made them the day we arrived... Continue Reading →

Pure Michigan

I'm back in civilization now after spending a week celebrating "Pure Michigan". If you had followed us around you would have been able to shoot all the footage needed for a new travel ad, it was also all girl power! I spent last week camping with my dear friend Robyn, from college. I've talked about... Continue Reading →

Yum Yum Yum… Cookies

I finally got Josh's family chocolate chip cookie recipe to turn out. I didn't realize how different this little cookies could be, my family recipe is saltier and not as fluffy. Ours are a more chewy kind. So I surprised Josh with these little gems. He likes them frozen, crunchy chocolate chips.

Have Kitchen Will Cook

What you are seeing here it dinner, not just a usual dinner for us, one we made. The yummiest sesame crusted tuna, rice and asparagus ever. Yummiest because we prepared it. I love the apartment!!!

The Good Life

It's said that few things are greater then the comforts of home, I can attest to that. We take with us on the road a few items that make it all a little more comfy. Like slippers, an electric water kettle and enough blankets to open a hotel. Even with all those goodies it is... Continue Reading →

A "Normal People" Weekend

Since we are going to be at home base for a little over a week, here in Detroit, we are staying at the companies apartment. It is a very lovely place, looks like an Ikea ad. Being in the apartment includes a full kitchen, washer and dryer; we feel like we are at home here.... Continue Reading →


One of the hardest parts about being on the road, especially for me, is eating out every meal. It has little to do with eating poorly but what all restaurant food tastes the same after a while. When we were in Detroit for the month of December we had a stove top to cook on... Continue Reading →

Yummy Pizza

Josh made a WONDERFUL Monday night dinner for me. It was his night to cook, I get one off a week :)He whipped up a pizza crust from scratch and filled it with toppings.To top it off we cracked open a bottle of Rosemont Shiraz.

Develish Eggs

I have now graduated a step up within the traditions of Volk family cooking. I have my own deviled egg recipe. I am not going to share it but I will show you the little beauties. These were for the pool party! So very yummy. That bowl is one that Davis Swanson wife Roberta made... Continue Reading →

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