The Good Life

It’s said that few things are greater then the comforts of home, I can attest to that. We take with us on the road a few items that make it all a little more comfy. Like slippers, an electric water kettle and enough blankets to open a hotel. Even with all those goodies it is a real treat to be in an actual residence. Currently we are staying at the apartment our company owns in Detroit while our tour is on break, we might be here for almost three weeks. As you can see that family is all enjoying the luxuries here, couches to nap on, a living room and a kitchen.

I am surprised at how easily I picked back up on cooking and how eating at such a variety of restaurants has taught us both new flavors. Tonight we roasted some chickpeas, wow this is going to become a new staple around here. So get ready for some adventures in domesticity for a while.

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