More Bowls and Goodies

Opened my inbox this Am to find the latest Gooseberry Patch email. I was tickled to see that they have the Scottie Day of the Week towels back and on sale. Plus I saw a great set of mixing bowls for summer.

What happens when I am gone

Well I am sure there are lots of things that go down when I am on the road but this one is about the amazing meal I missed. I am a bit jealous I didn't get any.When Josh's folks were up a few weeks ago they when fish (the boys) and make a great catch.... Continue Reading →

Hummus among us

Well I have been very productive today indeed. Got some laundry done, got some cleaning done, won a bet with Josh and he had to get the kitchen picked up. A very good day, but it gets better. I not only put the two giant cans of fruit we have had for 3 years (yes... Continue Reading →

Best way to wake your man up!

In our house, as many of you know, Josh is the Breakfast King. His pancakes (his mother's amazing recipe) are fluffy and filling; his omelets and eggs are a treat for all our guest. Even his breakfast variety of potatoes can rival some of mine! With his strike schedule being so demanding (he holds the... Continue Reading →

Sugar Cookies Again

Attempt number 2 to create the famous Volk sugar cookies went better but I am still not successful. I again had trouble rolling them out. I do plan to add more flour next time. On this batch I was only able to cut out about 10 before everything went crazy. I took the rest of... Continue Reading →

Granola Bars and Whatnot

Made a batch of granola bars last night using a recipe from Josh's mom gave me a recipe for amazing granola, actually Josh craves it. That one I am a pro at now. The goal is to combine that recipe with once for bars. The problem is that with the process it takes to... Continue Reading →

Cupcake Surprise

I got my domestic on last night! While Josh was at Rugby practice, I baked! I read a blog yesterday about making Heart Shaped Cupcakes and gave it a try. The first batch did not turn out that well, I over filled the cups. But my second and third pans were dreamy. I justed the... Continue Reading →

Opening my own McDonald’s

The other day I got a recipe for McDonald's Style Chicken Nuggets from another blog. Other than making the chicken into a paste it was easy. I so want a food processor now. They were yummy, as Josh is illustrating !!! I am going to try them again soon and add more salt.

Happy Halloween

Pippi was a skunk for Halloween, I debated a bit how to do that costume. In the end I used colored hair spray, yeah that's fun to put on a dog. Oh the things I do to her.We had a good little group of Trick or Treat-ers, more then the 2 from last year. I... Continue Reading →

Volk Family Sugar Cookies

I attempted today to make my first unassisted batch of sugar cookies from my family recipe. They did not turn out as planed, but I was prepared for this. It takes a few batch or years even to get the finesse down for create these treasures. I used my stand mixer but that put way... Continue Reading →

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