Even More Mixing Bowls and a wish list

Well the latest issue of Gooseberry Patch is out and they never fail to fill my wish list with goodies.

I love the little apron on the brown one – These are the Home Sweet Home Bowls

These little Cobbler Dishes are making my wish list.

Just plain cute – Harvest Bowls

Now however cute this Mixing Bowl is with the apron it does not compete with mine.


Yummy Pizza

Josh made a WONDERFUL Monday night dinner for me. It was his night to cook, I get one off a week 🙂

He whipped up a pizza crust from scratch and filled it with toppings.

To top it off we cracked open a bottle of Rosemont Shiraz.

Develish Eggs

I have now graduated a step up within the traditions of Volk family cooking. I have my own deviled egg recipe. I am not going to share it but I will show you the little beauties. These were for the pool party! So very yummy.

That bowl is one that Davis Swanson wife Roberta made for me. She is a truly gifted artists and it means more then she can image to me that she shares her gift. I love it so much that it is reserved for only making special things. Like these or the glaze that goes on my scones.

I want to make a Birthday cake for Josh, only…. I need help. Who has a good recipe? I am going to see what Martha has too. I want to make a special one for him.

What happens when I am gone

Well I am sure there are lots of things that go down when I am on the road but this one is about the amazing meal I missed. I am a bit jealous I didn’t get any.

When Josh’s folks were up a few weeks ago they when fish (the boys) and make a great catch. Josh just couldn’t resist it any longer and battered up those beauties in his amazing Beer Batter. Also there are yummy homemade fries!

Hummus among us

Well I have been very productive today indeed. Got some laundry done, got some cleaning done, won a bet with Josh and he had to get the kitchen picked up. A very good day, but it gets better. I not only put the two giant cans of fruit we have had for 3 years (yes we moved them) in the dehydrator but I made Hummus. Not just made hummus but also the Tahiti for the hummus. Completely from scratch, even roasted the Sesame Seeds myself and used dried garbanzo beans that I soaked over night. Here are the pics of my creation. Josh loved it and I am looking forward to tweaking it a little.

This is the Tahiti, my food processor does not do a good job a grinding the sesame seeds in to a powder, I need to try it with a Mortar and Pestle. Guess I should got one of those huh.

Best way to wake your man up!

In our house, as many of you know, Josh is the Breakfast King. His pancakes (his mother’s amazing recipe) are fluffy and filling; his omelets and eggs are a treat for all our guest. Even his breakfast variety of potatoes can rival some of mine!

With his strike schedule being so demanding (he holds the line for 2, 6 hour shift one day and then has 48 hours off) I wanted to treat him on Sunday. So…. I whipped up some German Apple Pancakes. They took about 30 minutes to prep and clean up. I like how the recipe calls for you to make that batter in a food processor. Josh’s folks gave me a WONDERFUL one for Christmas and I want any excuse to fire it up. I used Fuji apples and not Granny Smith. For one they are what I had on hand but from cooking my Apple and Sausage Appetizer a few times, I have found they stay crisp when cooked and that is a desirable texture in my house. They are sweet and crisp not soft and tart. I also substituted the white flour for whole wheat, that is what Josh’s are made with and I think it gives pancakes a more hearty flavor.