Best way to wake your man up!

In our house, as many of you know, Josh is the Breakfast King. His pancakes (his mother’s amazing recipe) are fluffy and filling; his omelets and eggs are a treat for all our guest. Even his breakfast variety of potatoes can rival some of mine!

With his strike schedule being so demanding (he holds the line for 2, 6 hour shift one day and then has 48 hours off) I wanted to treat him on Sunday. So…. I whipped up some German Apple Pancakes. They took about 30 minutes to prep and clean up. I like how the recipe calls for you to make that batter in a food processor. Josh’s folks gave me a WONDERFUL one for Christmas and I want any excuse to fire it up. I used Fuji apples and not Granny Smith. For one they are what I had on hand but from cooking my Apple and Sausage Appetizer a few times, I have found they stay crisp when cooked and that is a desirable texture in my house. They are sweet and crisp not soft and tart. I also substituted the white flour for whole wheat, that is what Josh’s are made with and I think it gives pancakes a more hearty flavor.

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