A "Normal People" Weekend

Since we are going to be at home base for a little over a week, here in Detroit, we are staying at the companies apartment. It is a very lovely place, looks like an Ikea ad. Being in the apartment includes a full kitchen, washer and dryer; we feel like we are at home here. Since we are pretending to be normal people why not have a normal people weekend. For started we didn’t work; our tour is not back on the road till next week. Another couple joined us for a trip over to Windsor Canada, she is Canadian and needed to talk to a tax agent, then lunch and shopping. They met while doing a tour for Joe Fresh, since they talk about it I was excited to actually see the line. I have to say I am impressed. I picked up a hoodie and a stunning wrap dress, all for about $30. After a yummy lunch and a trip back through the border it was dinner on the mind. Now this will get you, we went shopping for dinner to, yes you guessed it, make it ourselves!!!!! Chicken on the grill, pie, veggies and great conversation. Our normal people weekend was quite nice.

Pippi enjoyed the extra hands to love on her

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