Car Go Vrrmm

So what are you seeing here, maybe me (Abigail) strapped into the back of an Indy car.  Maybe!!!!!  Yeah that’s what it is, our during the last event with the Meijer crew lead to me getting a ride in this Indy car.  I can’t even describe how much fun this was.  I have been around race cars since I was a little girl, thanks Dad.  I am sure you have figured out that I am a tomgirl, would be hard to live out of a semi if I wasn’t.  I used to go with my Dad everywhere, when he was into car racing so was I.  In the summers I would sometimes be at four different tracks a week.  He would take me with him to the pits and when he started racing himself  I helped.  I recall that during my freshman year of college he came to get me for  a race with the car trailered behind him.  Now that made the guys talk!!!

As soon as this Indy car took off that smell of alcohol fuel made me feel like a twelve year old girl again.  Man we have a cool life.  Guess I should also note that Danica Patrick was at this event too.

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