The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame

If any of you read our food blog then you will know I have not totally enjoyed our last few days in rural Indiana.  I used to love rural Indiana, at least Mitchell where my bother lived, I really miss him and was so looking forward to another summer of frequent visits.  Oh well I know he is much happier to be in Nebraska.  With that said we have not been totally bored, the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame is here, now I just can’t pass up a museum like that.  How could there really be that much to talk about.  Well it was a pretty large facility with displays on two floors.  This artifact driven collection is very well put together, engaging and highly interactive.  Every piece is well labeled and tied together, there is a variety of multimedia displays and many sections that let you get up close to the history.   They highlight the strong legacy of basketball talent and the popularity sport here.  It is often said that Indiana is the home for American Basketball, at least that is said here.  We both really enjoyed our afternoon.

Even Josh can dunk, LOL

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