With the Old Crew

After our show last weekend in Indy I touched base with the manager of the Meijer tour, Robert.  As some of you recall Josh and I spent last summer working on this truck, it was fun but we were glad to get back to a museum.  This tour can be a drag, long days and crazy crowds.  However when you’re only on it for two days it’s fun!  What was really special is that the rest of this year’s crew are all people we have worked with.  It was like hanging out with old friends.  We all went out to dinner after and then had a few beers, just so nice to catch up with everyone.

It helps that we get to “warm up” the Wii games before opening! 

4 thoughts on “With the Old Crew

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. What an interesting life you lead. You’re very lucky to be able to get out there and do it!!!!

    I’m glad Pippi is well after her rat poison incident. If you ever bring your exhibit out to California, I’ll not only come out to see it, I’ll bring Maggie to meet Pippi. They look like twins!!

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