Exploring Indy

This week was not our first visit to Indianapolis but it was the first time we found ourselves with spare time.  My brother lived just a few hours away until this spring, we would always head to his house whenever time off in the area presented itself.  I am sad that I don’t get to go play with my nephew and nieces, he now lives in Omaha and I have no idea when I might get to see them next.  Now don’t b sad for us, this opened the door to experience Indiana culture and art.  We started at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.  It’s not hard to find affection from two people who call Wyoming home in the walls of this facility.  I was especially drawn to the pieces that where painted show dusk and moonlight.  The western landscape is dramatically changed by the setting sun, the reds in the soil come alive and mountains bursts with unimaginable glory.  However it was the lonesome beauty and stillness of the moonlit pieces that really touched me.  The portrait of peace and live in the moments of night.

We were also able to spend some time at the Indiana State Museum, when I was a teenage intern in the Illinois capital I would often spent my lunch at their state museum.  Unlike many other midwestern museum this was unbiased and honest.  From their roots at a puritan society to a colorful industrial revolutions, proud Hoosiers are diverse.  THe state history does include so much injustice to the native tribal population and also the staging some of the most amazing tribal rebellions.  The visit concluded with at tour of “With Charity for All” a special exhibit on Lincoln.  It was filled with artifacts from his father Thomas and so many photographs.  It lovely talked about Abe and Mary’s relationship.  They had such a deep love for one another.

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