Ah Goose Poop!

Spring is in the air, the grass is green and the lawns are full of goose poop!  To any of you out there with a Scottie this is a hazardous time of year.  Poop is fascinating but big stinky green goose poop is just so nice to roll in and try to eat.  Last night we got a special treat from walking Pippi, a lovely green gooey spot on our little princess.  With all that fun comes the worse thing in the world, A BATH.  Well not fun for P but sure is for us.  I just couldn’t resist taking this one, but enough laughing at the little wet dog. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ah Goose Poop!

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  1. Ahh, the BATH! Know it well, personally as soon as I detect water being run upstairs Bonny and I tend to hide. I behind the television and Bonny behind her bed. Must admit, you do look good though Pippi.

    As for rolling in smelly things, well have to admit we do same. Its instinct or something.


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