Three Scots, Again

I just can’t resist every time we are around a piper or a guy in a kilt to have him snap a shot with me and Pippi.  This gentleman, Shawn McDaniel, opened the dedication ceremony at our event this past Saturday.  He was a delight to chat with as well.  When most people hear Amazing Grace on the pipes it bring tears to their eyes, not me.  I just love to hear that whine, plus that song plays on a loop in the truck.

One thought on “Three Scots, Again

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  1. Hello Abigail

    Just thought I would pop over and say hello.

    Good to see a man in a kilt, and you are right, Amazing Grace on pipes brings tears to my eyes and I sometimes join in too!
    Got quite a thing going with Bonny, I take the low howl notes and she takes the high ones.

    See you again soon
    Hector McKenzie and Bonny (Stardust)

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