Car Go Vrrmm

So what are you seeing here, maybe me (Abigail) strapped into the back of an Indy car.  Maybe!!!!!  Yeah that's what it is, our during the last event with the Meijer crew lead to me getting a ride in this Indy car.  I can't even describe how much fun this was.  I have been around... Continue Reading →

With the Old Crew

After our show last weekend in Indy I touched base with the manager of the Meijer tour, Robert.  As some of you recall Josh and I spent last summer working on this truck, it was fun but we were glad to get back to a museum.  This tour can be a drag, long days and... Continue Reading →

New Rig

That is Rig as in our truck not Rigg as is maiden name, haha. Our new tour is for Meijer Stores, a Midwestern supercenter type store. We travel to only Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and parts of Illinois. This is a very family oriented open to the public tour. I have posted our schedule on... Continue Reading →

Big Changes!!!

The economic woes have finally hit our company, a few layoffs were announced today as well as a shuffle of tours. I am sad to say that the Lincoln Tour is now permanently gone, it is being torn down. Our tour, Reflections, is now off the road. Josh and I have come out safe here,... Continue Reading →

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