Sweet Little Boys

Well I should have posted this a long time ago, like when I was still in Utah!! One of my favorite perks that this job brings is the chance to meet up with other bloggers. We have certainly made the rounds out east among the Scottie folk. Unfortunately we so rarely make it west that peeps like Albert and Jake had to wait for while. I am already a fan of Salt Lake City but now after meeting Anita and Robb it holds a special place in my heart.

Inviting us to their breathtaking home in Utah, we enjoyed an afternoon of chatting and tail-chasing. Pippi was running up and down the desks and “snow tunnel” in no time, acting like well a real Scottie.

It was definitely worth the wait for this meeting, Anita and Robb are both wonderful people. Albert and Jake are just darling. Two of the best looking fellas I’ve met. Plus who can resist a snuggly rabbit!

If you don’t already read Anita’s inspiring blog please stop by and allow her to share the piece of heaven she has found.

Whoa is Pippi

For those of you that own a female dog you have probably dealt with a bout or two of puppy love directed at your spouse. Pippi is no exception, she is mad for Josh. She has recently started to fall victim to a terrible habit, getting lovesick while he is away. Josh spent about a week and a half out on tour without us, helping out another team. During this period Pippi actually made herself sick. After three days of mopping around she did perk up a bit and was tolerable. This morning Josh left for a two week trip, out to help another tour. She was getting frantic last night while he packed and I know that I’m in store for another three days of “Whoa is Pippi”. And it’s not like I don’t miss him too!