Oh, So Scary

So something so scary happened on Halloween!!!!  We started to see some strange changes in Pippi then..... we found her like this AHHHHHHHHHH!!! We think that she has become a Zombie Dog I just hope that we can find a cure

Special Guests

Earlier this week I hinted about having a Scottie meet-up and the awesome time we had.  Well not only did we get to finally meet the handsome Stuart and him mom but there was a very special guest all the way from Australia.  So Kendra, Bella and Daisy can be rest assured that their mom... Continue Reading →

Little Baby Beau

I'd like to introduce you all too Pippi's newest buddy, little Beau. He is a four-month old Westie and boy he is a cutie. You can tell he is already an amazing terrier. So full of energy and instinct; he already rules the pack keeping all the other cats and dogs in line. He and... Continue Reading →


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