Scott Brand Scottie Commercial

I just can’t help but spread this around, finally a Scottie in a commercial.

A Little Off the Top

Pippi went to the groomer last week, to get a new look. We are changing her cut just a little, the little gal wants to keep with the times. Her ear tufts are much shorter now, her brows to short and chic points and her beard a bit more kept. Her furs are fairly easy to keep looking swell, just take a quick brush to put her beard into place. I’m not trilled with the cut, the took off way too much and she has “snail-skirt”. Her tufts are nearly gone, I will be much happier in a few weeks I’m sure.

With Flying Colors


A question I often get is “What do you do with Pippi?” Well, she usually is with us all the time, even on vacation. The only time we don’t take her with us is when leaving the US (she does go to Canada). In those rare situations we prefer to use a more hands on care service. I’m certainly not opposed to commercial kennels or daycares but why put a dog who likes people at a facility that has more dogs than people. What we prefer to do is go with someone whom has a daycare in their home. She gets lots of attention, the cost is lower and she can usually sleep with her sitters. Pippi does not have separation anxiety but we still want to make sure she is getting the best care possible. A few years back we used a service in Minneapolis ran by two wonderful ladies, they actually took field trips every few days. Pippi crowed up a storm and raced around the house when we came to pick her up, after that we were sold. In Atlanta our sitter will even met us at the airport to get Pippi between our connections.


I bring all this up because we had to complete a daycare interview this weekend. For the parents of non-fur children the experience of a daycare interview is not a new thing but it was a first for us. We have found a service in Detroit that seemed like a good fit, a family with children and five years of experience. However we had to schedule an interview, to cover her history and let them see how she behaves. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, what if they didn’t like her. I know, I know, who wouldn’t fall in love with Pippi. I am excited to say that she passed her interview and we have a daycare service in Detroit now. They will be caring for her while we are in Mexico next week. So not only do I have groomers in about six states I have dog sitters.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

A Pug-tastic Week

As I mentioned Sunday we are watching Nathan’s (Josh’s younger brother) pug Chancho this week while he is on vacation. The timing worked out just perfectly. We were in the same town last weekend to get together for Holiday festivities with my family. We will then be passing back by that town on our way to Josh’s folks this weekend.

Chancho is a bit neurotic but we love him, I’m betting he is like most active pugs.  In addition Pippi and Chancho get along so well, like the best of buddies.  They are just a few months apart and have grown up from wee little puppies to wee little dogs together.

I sure to make a nice fort

It has been fun having two dogs around, Pippi is much more affectionate with another critter to compete with. Chancho gives the love away for free, but he also sheds like a….well a Pug.  Getting used to his furs all over the place has been an adjustment but how could you not love that face.

This has all been good for Pippi, she is not the most socialized dog and doesn’t always play well with others.  Chancho is patient and just keeps coming back for more.

All She Wants For Christmas

With Stuart sharing his ideas for what to get your Scottie this year, I thought we would share what Pippi will be unwrapping.

Tis the season for a new sweatshirt! Been eyeing this one for a few years and happened to get a 50% off coupon for Black Friday. So she will be sporting this fabulous and funny hoodie from Ruff Ruff and Meow, purchased in red.


It is just too cute and the perfect item for those wet but not too cold days. Josh still thinks she would rather have a snuggie.