Special Guests

Earlier this week I hinted about having a Scottie meet-up and the awesome time we had.  Well not only did we get to finally meet the handsome Stuart and him mom but there was a very special guest all the way from Australia.  So Kendra, Bella and Daisy can be rest assured that their mom is doing good, Pippi kept her lap warm for a while.  Last year we missed meeting Tobi by less than an hour on the National Mall is Washington, DC.  Not taking a chance of that happening again, we planned an event with easier logistics.  Well I thought so until she got caught in traffic.  The rains did keep some people from coming out to meet us but all in all it was amazing.

What a looker!!! Hubba Hubba

Let me tell you what that little Stuart has the most luxurious coat, I just wanted to squeeze him to pieces.

Giving some Scottie Snuggles

We had a blast hanging out and chatting about what else but life with Scotties.  I can’t wait until we can make it happen again.

Scottie Sandwich, the best kind

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  1. Oh you guys! We hope you had a fun-filled photo afternoon after We left. I had a great time meeting everybody and my heart now belongs to Pippi…don’t tell Sniglet. Thanks for making the meeting happen!

    ARooooodles, Stuart

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