Coming This Week: January 17th – 23rd

Texas here we come!!! Sweet home Dallas. It's one week in Dallas, one in San Antonio, and another in Dallas. Song of the Week: Golden Years - David Bowie Week in Review: What do you do when stuck in a city full of snow and no events going on?  Well if you were a... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: January 10th – 16th

We are going to be in Indy all of this week, finishing up a few things before the tour launches.  Soon we will head south for some time in Texas.   Week in Review: After a week back in the office we headed to Indianapolis. My favorite part of Indy is how close it is... Continue Reading →

Every Thing Learned Has Value

Years ago we worked on a project called Reflections: The American Funeral, this tour was a multi-year undertaking took us across the country to both small and large communities. People often balked at the thought of a funeral tour but enter any museum and what do you find? The funerary artifacts of a culture. We... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: August 16th – 22nd

Week one was a success, thankfully we had a great first show and everything worked!!!  This week we are enjoying our stop near the Aberdeen Proving Grounds on Solomons Island, MD.  Later this week we head for Owego, NY.  Next week will see us back in the Midwest with stops in Indianapolis and Detroit. Song... Continue Reading →

More Tips When Hitting The Road

This is another post that is focused on helping folks who are new to the experiential marketing tour industry but anyone hitting the road could use. How we live is much different that those traveling for pleasure or in an RV. There are always a string of questions we get once someone learns just how... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: August 9th – 15th

We are finally back on the road and together!!  After spending nearly the entire summer apart, we were needed on different projects.  Strange summer, I spent it in one place (Indianapolis) while Josh was enjoying the Wild West.  Now we are thankfully starting our fall/winter season by heading to the East Coast, hitting up the... Continue Reading →

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