The Word Experiential 

One of the books I recent finished, via my library with Overdrive, was Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks. It was a pretty interesting read, I enjoy scientific writings but had little exposure to neuroscience before this book. The text covered some of the types of hallucinations and what kinds of conditions can cause them. One of the terms that came up was experiential, how even though the person having the hallucination can be aware of it, they are still fully enveloped in the sensations. I found this interesting, “mobile experiential” is the term we use to describe our industry. This job is all about creating an environment to surround participants with a desired message.  We want you to experience the brand and leave with some kind of emotional connection to it.

How We Roll


As I have been working through the program for my masters degree I noticed two things about how the term “mobile experiential” is interpreted. First of all in much of the marketing world “mobile” refers to efforts seeking to make an impression via those delightful handheld devices we all have (well expect you Dave). The other stumbling block I ran into is that “experiential” is not a widely known avenue for brand marketing. Outside of sponsorship there aren’t enough firms that put on events. And boy can they benefit from connecting directly with customers.


While the end goal of each mobile experiential campaign might be different the opportunities it presents are similar. First you get the opportunity to put something physical and hands-on with your message. Secondly you are right there with customers, talking to them, hearing their feedback. This is especially effective when they are saturated in your message. The reason a brand would choose to put a mobile on the road is they see a need or have the desire to put something physical with their message.   How that program is shaped and developed is endless.

The Big Show

When it comes to actual tours, it is the folks in the field who have the real task of implementing these programs. Someone can design a great trailer, dynamic programming, and invite the right people but unless the person working that show that day is committed to the goals it won’t be effective.  Brands entrust to us to be the front line, the connection to customers.  My own firm takes into consideration a number of factors before pairing a team with a program.  This process seeks put the best possible skill set to match what the program goals are.  That can be kind of tough at times.  We have been passed over for projects we wanted because management saw us as a better fit for something else.  The same goes for anymore working as a contractor in this business, while you might be incredibly qualified sometimes a different person is just a better fit for the brand.


This is why we work so hard to make ourselves everyone “ideal”.  This is one of the reasons why I am getting a master’s degree.  Josh and I figured out years ago that to be the team that every brand would want one of needed a graduate degree.  Well I lost the round of Roshambo and here I am; one week from completing my degree.


Coming This Week: February 14th – 20th

One more week of enjoying the California sun then it’s out the the desert.  We will be enjoying we week in Arizona then one in Nevada.  Timing is going work out for more than one fun day off with friends.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Europe – The Final Countdown

Week in Review: I’m late posting this week because we had so much fun over the weekend.  We weren’t able to join the rest of our family in Iowa to celebrate a wedding, instead we joined up with some California cousins who also couldn’t go.  They live in Petaluma and I am really starting to think that life there might be amazing.  We had a great time hanging out, trying some beers at Lagunitas Brewing Co and even visited a vinery.  Just sharing some great laughs with family.

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There is certainly lots of “advice” we can give on traveling, but I try to keep these Travel Tuesday posts a bit more focused on tips for living on the road.  Little ways we deal with being itinerant, as well as not having a residence to go back to.  We don’t ever look forward to sleeping in our own bed, because we don’t have one.  My folks have a hard time getting a good nights rest in a hotel, that is just something you have to get past in our line of work.  I’m not saying that some people we work with don’t carry their own pillow and such but you honestly never know what you will get in a hotel bed.


That is just the half of it.  We prefer to sleep with the heavy room curtains open, waking better with some natural light.  That’s not gonna be an option when there is a neon sign shining in the window.  So once again a preferred routine is mucked up.  What can we do?  Noise doesn’t wake me but changes in light do.  We have tried a number of things over the years but the one thing that consistently helps with a full night’s sleep is Melatonin.

Five more minutes

Five more minutes

I hadn’t thought to share this until last week; after spending some time with members of the marketing team from our client.  One person remarked on getting little sleep and being frustrated that he had forgotten to pack melatonin.  Well yeah!!!  That stuff works.  Now it isn’t a sleep aid but instead a supplement that helps in getting your body into a natural sleep rhythm.  Take it about 30 minutes before you want to be asleep and you may just benefit like us.


I wish you all sweet dreams and bright mornings.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

Coming This Week: February 7th – 11th

Alright we are west bound!  This weekend we made the big run from Texas to California.  We will be in California for a while, moving from the Bay Area, to LA, and also San Diego.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Going to California – Led Zeppelin

Week in Review: We spent a few blissful days off with our buddy at his farm near San Antonio.  There was some time before we got back to work for a day trip to Fredericksburg, TX and Enchanted Rock State Park.  While Fredericksburg is just a bit outside of San Antonio I don’t think we would have visited without prompting. Made me realize how often we stick around the city (whatever city) instead of finding a fun little town for a weekend off.   That was a perk of the Library of Congress tour we did a few years back.  The stops were only in small towns and we saw some of the most delightful communities.

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Coming This Week: January 31st – February 6th

One more week of Texas and well Texas weather.  Then it is onward to California and all our rowdy friends there.  Look Bairds we are coming!!!!

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week:

Week in Review: San Antonio treated us well!!!  We had some amazing food – check out Cured, amazing sites – the Riverwalk, and out obligatory Texas history lesson – The Alamo. To top it all off there was some time to visit our good friend Scott on his family that is every be.  May stories were shares and beers enjoyed.

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Coming This Week: January 24th – 30th

Week one in Texas was smooth, although the cool temps surprised me.  I know that it rains in Texas but I’m never ready for it.  This week should be a nice, enjoying the sights in San Antonio.  One of the locations we are going to is an Air Force base, I was there 20 years ago when my brother graduate from basic training.  Being a bit sentimental.  We will be rolling back to Dallas next week before heading to the Bay Area.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: The Open Road – John Hiatt

Week in Review: It felt like a week of running from bad weather.  So much rain and snow and well gross, I’m glad to be back to touring and hopefully better temps.  Last night we had the chance to visit with a couple of my cousin’s.  I don’t think it would be hard to see that we are related.  Josh was actually a bit startled with we first got there.

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Coming This Week: January 17th – 23rd

Texas here we come!!! Sweet home Dallas. It’s one week in Dallas, one in San Antonio, and another in Dallas.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Golden Years – David Bowie

Week in Review: What do you do when stuck in a city full of snow and no events going on?  Well if you were a Roving Van Gelder you would go to the movies, lots.  Hit four different flicks this week, so many that I earner mayorship on Swarm at the theater.

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Don't you try on headwear with your bestie?

Don’t you try on headwear with your bestie?