Coming This Week: December 27th – January 2nd

While our winter break is a bit short this year, it’s not been short on fun.  Last week was a great visit with my family in central Illinois; today we are heading north.  This week we will be with Josh’s big fun family.  For Christmas we decided to skip exchanging gifts with each other and instead attend the January 3rd Bears game in Chicago.  I think that’s the best way to close out our time off before heading back to work.  We will likely be in Indianapolis for most of the month.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Satellite Radio – Steve Earle, With so many people on the road this weekend I’m sure more than a few are listening to the satellite radio.

Week in Review: After leaving work we had a few quiet days with my folks before the rest of the family arrived, we were able to head out and see Star Wars one afternoon.  There really is nothing better than a matinée, I am betting we will go see the movie again this week.  Lots of good food and good times were shared with my brother and his wonderful family.  We are a small family but fill the house with love.

Fun Photo of the Week:

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