Why I am Who I am

We have decided to join in the fun and share how Pippi got her name.   Her full name is Pippi Van Peanutbutter.  Josh named her, he liked Pippi because it rhymed with Puppy.  We got her before we were married and she is actually my dog.  So as a nod to her daddy we included... Continue Reading →

On the Road Again

We hit the trail, heading to Detroit first to drop off our truck from Mazda and meet up with the Lincoln Tour in Newark, OH. Like all of our other trips this one included a visit or two. We got to See Nathan in his full glory bartending at PJs in Sycamore. Got to have... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

When we took this job it was pretty clear that there would be lots of life changes some have been hard and many unknown but as we adjust and get into this there strange things that begin to be of comfort and a treat. Being at the same hotel for more than two days is... Continue Reading →

Good Doggie (Collars)

If there is something I can find in life to be overly particular about it is my dogs. Specially their accessories, collars, clothes, beds and such. The time has come for Willa to get her own collar. we have one the is for puppies, it is soft and thin. She is out growing it. So... Continue Reading →

Pool Party

Last week a friend invited us over for a pool party, a doggie pool party. So we loaded up the pups and their float coats. Pippi has been swimming before, a few times. As a general rule Scotties don't like to swim much and Pippi fits that category. She only likes it when it is... Continue Reading →

Hair Bear is Gone

This post will lead to the rolling of eyes I am sure but, if I cared that much I wouldn't post it. we don't usually get Pippi groomed in the winter. No need, she is not hot and the extra fur keeps her loving the snow. Now that spring has sprung it is time for... Continue Reading →

Puppy Play

We took Willa over to meet Stella and Mort on Monday. It was a sea of little black dogs. They had a great time, you would not believe how much Stella has changed since Halloween. She has filled out and her coat looks amazing. She bounced around and played the entire time. Rolled over to... Continue Reading →

Week One Over

Our first week with Willa has past and I think we are all adjusting. The first few days that Willa was here she hardly slept, which I thought was strange for a puppy. Well she has finally relaxed, she spent most of the last 3 days napping.Pippi and Willa are warming up and she does... Continue Reading →

Willa Beans

So I just discovered today that our camera (that we have had for more then a year) takes video. Nice video too. So expect some cool stuff! Here is my first video-Willa and my feet!

Who’s Butt is that?

Who's butt is that?It doesn't look like Pippi's butt!Oh I know who that is........It's Willa's!!!!Meet the newest edition to the MN Van Gelder clan, Willa. She is a 14 week old Brindle Scottie. We were able to adopt her from a family that just had to many dogs to take care of. She is Amish... Continue Reading →

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