Why I am Who I am

We have decided to join in the fun and share how Pippi got her name.   Her full name is Pippi Van Peanutbutter.  Josh named her, he liked Pippi because it rhymed with Puppy.  We got her before we were married and she is actually my dog.  So as a nod to her daddy we included the Van.  Peanutbutter came from her crazy behavior of the gooey stuff.  We were going to fix her so a name could be kind of wild.  She was originally Countryside Sadie Raleigh.  She also answered to Princess, Biscuits, Fat Dog, Poop Eater and Mrs. P.

We also had the chance to name Willa, the rescue we had for a year.  When we picked her up they just were calling her puppy.  Josh again named her.  He x something light and fun to match her tiny delicate body.  Willa was so itty bitty but you could tell from the first day she was full of life.  She became Willa Rigatoni Pepperoni.   We had gotten married and I changed my name so the Rigatoni was for my maiden name of Rigg.  Willa would crawl into the refrigerator if she smelled Pepperoni, so we decided to keep the food centric names and have some fun.  Some of you have asked about Willa.  She has a furever family in Minneapolis.  They are good friends of ours that love her dearly.  They call her Willy most of the time.  We do visit her and miss her so much.  Our lifestyle of travel is not a good fit for all dogs.

On the Road Again

We hit the trail, heading to Detroit first to drop off our truck from Mazda and meet up with the Lincoln Tour in Newark, OH. Like all of our other trips this one included a visit or two. We got to See Nathan in his full glory bartending at PJs in Sycamore. Got to have breakfast with Mat and Kim but the real highlight was showing everyone the truck. Josh went up a couple of notched with Jonas.

Again we had a wonderful couple of days off and there will be lots of missing going on. Willa is with a new family she is doing great.

The Little Things

When we took this job it was pretty clear that there would be lots of life changes some have been hard and many unknown but as we adjust and get into this there strange things that begin to be of comfort and a treat. Being at the same hotel for more than two days is heaven, you get to bring in your entire suitcase instead of overnight bags. I love digging into my stuff right there on the floor and having whatever I wanted. A strong Wi-Fi signal, just getting to read emails is a treat at times. A hotel that carries any kind of tea other then Lipton!!!! Finding Sketchers that look like black dress shoes. A new pair of sock can make your whole day turn around.

Strange little things that make life better because life is about to get harder. After many conversations and rough nights Josh and I have decided that Willa is going to get new parents. She is a rambunctious little dog and just is not doing well being trapped in the truck and hotel rooms. She needs to be able to run and play. We are looking for someone that can give her lots of love and a fenced in yard. Ideally with another dog already. Because of the neglect she suffered as a puppy she has a bit of separations anxiety and can’t be left unattended outside a kennel. We can’t take the kennels into all the hotels. As much as it breaks my heart to be letting her go I can’t keep her because it is what I want. We are doing what is best for her and making sure she has a wonderful life, not one where she gets into trouble. So if you know a of good home let us know and we will see if it is fit. Plus any happy thoughts to our family would be welcome, I cry just thinking about it. She is my little baby girl. She is a great dog we just are not doing what is right for her by keeping her with us.

Willa on the shore in Miami

Good Doggie (Collars)

If there is something I can find in life to be overly particular about it is my dogs. Specially their accessories, collars, clothes, beds and such. The time has come for Willa to get her own collar. we have one the is for puppies, it is soft and thin. She is out growing it. So I started the process of choosing her big girl collar. It took me 6 months to find Pippi’s (she didn’t need a new one until her was a year old).

I wanted something with flowers on it, since Scotties are always boy dogs, and a shade of light purple. It actually didn’t take me long to find this one. After just a month of watching eBay I got it for a about $10. So excited for her to wear it, I waited until after he first grooming. Well within one day she had nearly destroyed it, the ribbon detail was rough and scratched her neck. So back to the drawing boards. I don’t know if she has sensitive skin or if that one was just terrible. I did my research and found a brand that brags about being gentle and indestructible. It is from Lupine.

I didn’t get my purple but I think it looks nice.

Pool Party

Last week a friend invited us over for a pool party, a doggie pool party. So we loaded up the pups and their float coats. Pippi has been swimming before, a few times. As a general rule Scotties don’t like to swim much and Pippi fits that category. She only likes it when it is super hot out and she can swim from me to Josh and we will hold her when she get so us. She likes boat rides but could do without getting wet. When she was a puppy she would refuse to go through puddles. Willa on the other hand loves water. If that dog could jump I would never be safe in the tub! This however this was going to be he first time swimming and first time in the coat. We have them wear the coats around a little before we headed out. My friends heat their pool and it is super nice. With a little help we got them both in. Pippi was so mad and jumped right out. Willa got bored and wanted to run around. We did make them both swim a little and Pippi figured out that if she swam to Josh he would let her lay on him. She is such a daddy’s girl. We had a blast and got some sun. Josh came back with a very interesting burn. It was sort of Pippi shaped.

Hair Bear is Gone

This post will lead to the rolling of eyes I am sure but, if I cared that much I wouldn’t post it. we don’t usually get Pippi groomed in the winter. No need, she is not hot and the extra fur keeps her loving the snow. Now that spring has sprung it is time for a good trim. When she is grown out we think she looks like a bear (a common thought).

Yesterday we said goodbye to Hair Bear

And Hello to Pippi the Pretty Pretty Princess

Here is a good one of Pippi and Willa, yes Willa is that big. She is going to be a big girl.

Puppy Play

We took Willa over to meet Stella and Mort on Monday. It was a sea of little black dogs. They had a great time, you would not believe how much Stella has changed since Halloween. She has filled out and her coat looks amazing. She bounced around and played the entire time. Rolled over to show her belly and was just a happy camper. Willa on the other hand was a little freaked out by all the action.

I love this one of Pippi and Morty