Good Doggie (Collars)

If there is something I can find in life to be overly particular about it is my dogs. Specially their accessories, collars, clothes, beds and such. The time has come for Willa to get her own collar. we have one the is for puppies, it is soft and thin. She is out growing it. So I started the process of choosing her big girl collar. It took me 6 months to find Pippi’s (she didn’t need a new one until her was a year old).

I wanted something with flowers on it, since Scotties are always boy dogs, and a shade of light purple. It actually didn’t take me long to find this one. After just a month of watching eBay I got it for a about $10. So excited for her to wear it, I waited until after he first grooming. Well within one day she had nearly destroyed it, the ribbon detail was rough and scratched her neck. So back to the drawing boards. I don’t know if she has sensitive skin or if that one was just terrible. I did my research and found a brand that brags about being gentle and indestructible. It is from Lupine.

I didn’t get my purple but I think it looks nice.

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