Pool Party

Last week a friend invited us over for a pool party, a doggie pool party. So we loaded up the pups and their float coats. Pippi has been swimming before, a few times. As a general rule Scotties don’t like to swim much and Pippi fits that category. She only likes it when it is super hot out and she can swim from me to Josh and we will hold her when she get so us. She likes boat rides but could do without getting wet. When she was a puppy she would refuse to go through puddles. Willa on the other hand loves water. If that dog could jump I would never be safe in the tub! This however this was going to be he first time swimming and first time in the coat. We have them wear the coats around a little before we headed out. My friends heat their pool and it is super nice. With a little help we got them both in. Pippi was so mad and jumped right out. Willa got bored and wanted to run around. We did make them both swim a little and Pippi figured out that if she swam to Josh he would let her lay on him. She is such a daddy’s girl. We had a blast and got some sun. Josh came back with a very interesting burn. It was sort of Pippi shaped.

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