Week One Over

Our first week with Willa has past and I think we are all adjusting. The first few days that Willa was here she hardly slept, which I thought was strange for a puppy. Well she has finally relaxed, she spent most of the last 3 days napping.
Pippi and Willa are warming up and she does not feel at threated.

Pippi was having some good snuggle time with Josh when… wait there are two dogs there!!

We also had my first walk/trip with the both of them. We went for a stroll around our community, to the dilight of our neghbors who wanted to meet Willa. It was a struggle but after a bit Willa just started to heal to Pippi. Our afternnon was complete after a trip to the Pet Store to get a tag made for Willa. And….

A coat, just too cute to pass up.

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