Coming This Week: February 14th – 20th

One more week of enjoying the California sun then it's out the the desert.  We will be enjoying we week in Arizona then one in Nevada.  Timing is going work out for more than one fun day off with friends. Song of the Week: Europe - The Final Countdown Week in Review: I'm late posting... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: February 7th – 11th

Alright we are west bound!  This weekend we made the big run from Texas to California.  We will be in California for a while, moving from the Bay Area, to LA, and also San Diego. Song of the Week: Going to California - Led Zeppelin Week in Review: We spent a few blissful days... Continue Reading →

Year in Review – 2015

It has come time to write one of my favorite posts, an overview of the "numbers" we racked up over 2015.  As always feel free to ask about anything I don't mention. Countries Visited: Bonaire, Belize, Canada States Visited: 29 - really low numbers this year, we hardly left the East Coast National Parks Visited:... Continue Reading →

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