The Belize Chronicles – The Resort

The best place to start might be the where, other than the basics of going to San Pedro, Belize. This was the first time we used a travel agent and will probably be the last. We had thought it would be easier to have someone coordinate this one for us. What we got was a... Continue Reading →

Oh Well

There were very lofty thoughts of writing the first in my Belize series of posts today.  But then reality set in and I remembered that we are back on tour and had a long day.  While it was tiring it was not hard.  I do enjoy getting back into the routine.  I especially like getting... Continue Reading →


Well it's official we are now certified SCUBA divers, actually we finished a few days ago but I've been under the seas so much there was little time to post. We have been on six dives since arriving here in Belize. After leaving here I'm not sure I'll be able to explain what it is... Continue Reading →

Making Bubbles

Last week we had a little time off, the tractor needed routine maintenance and due to the tour's tight schedule we had to schedule a break to make this happen. So thus we get time off. We chose to spend the entire week, yes 7 whole days in one place. That one place was Mobile,... Continue Reading →

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