Making Bubbles

Last week we had a little time off, the tractor needed routine maintenance and due to the tour’s tight schedule we had to schedule a break to make this happen. So thus we get time off. We chose to spend the entire week, yes 7 whole days in one place. That one place was Mobile, AL; I have to be honest I was not especially excited about Alabama. I figured it would be similar to our week stuck in Oklahoma. Boy oh boy was I mistaken; the Gulf Coast is full of fun, sun and great people. We did so many fun things. Not only did we celebrate Mardi Gras but we took scuba diving lessons. Josh has wanted to learn to scuba for some time and after spending the holidays with some friends who are hardcore I was inspired too. I guess it just took the push of us going to Belize for plans to be made. We were able to take enough lessons in one week get certified for shallow water. We will be able to take one more lesson either in Florida or Belize to be fully certified divers. After that the skies the limit, well 130 ft below sea level is. We made very good progress; neither of us had much trouble breathing underwater. While we have not been in open water yet, I know we are going to love it. Honestly didn’t think I would dig it so much.

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  1. We love to dive!! But unfortunately haven’t done it in several years. Gary and I learned to dive in the Philippines where visibility was generally more than 100 foot and the water was warm – cut offs and a bathing suit top and I was “good to go”. I don’t think I would enjoy donning a wetsuit. We were just talking about it this past weekend – we want to go on a vacation where we can dive again. ENJOY!!

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