What about Pippi?

On Tuesday I shared our travel plans for our upcoming trip to New Zealand, some wonderful follows asked where Pippi was going to be. She is going to spend three lovely weeks with Josh's folks and her bestie Chancho. I'm certain there will penalty of stories from that trip alone.

Best Dog Ever

Pippi can now be given the title of Best Dog Ever, at least best behaved. Would your little furry friend stay put if you forgot to close the door and left? I'm horribly embarrassed at having left the door wide open in the first place and upon returning, seeing my mistake, nearly lost it. That... Continue Reading →

I Walk The Line

Does your Scottie usually walk on whatever narrow surface they can? When we are at a hotel making "business" Pippi will walk all around a grass area on the concrete curb until just the right spot to enter appears. I have yet to spot a grass shark but she doesn't believe me. She likes to... Continue Reading →


Pippi didn't dress up this year, we didn't have a tricks for treats party to take her too. She did get in the spirit of things with a cute Halloween collat. While it's not as spooky as her zombie costume from last year, I think she looks lovely. The collar is actually new, from Scampering... Continue Reading →

My Un-Scruffy Terrier

We often call Pippi, Princess. Mostly because we love her so much but she also acts like a little diva most of the time. She likes her comforts and is a bit delicate. Prefers pillows and fleece blankets to the floor. She rarely get water on the floor or even her beard when she drinks.... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Boys

Well I should have posted this a long time ago, like when I was still in Utah!! One of my favorite perks that this job brings is the chance to meet up with other bloggers. We have certainly made the rounds out east among the Scottie folk. Unfortunately we so rarely make it west that... Continue Reading →

It’s Football Time

One this is certain, I defiantly look forward to football Sundays!! To commentate the start of NFL regular season we changed Pippi's collar. Even she is crowing Bear Down.

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