Best Dog Ever

Pippi can now be given the title of Best Dog Ever, at least best behaved. Would your little furry friend stay put if you forgot to close the door and left? I’m horribly embarrassed at having left the door wide open in the first place and upon returning, seeing my mistake, nearly lost it. That was until I saw that Pippi was just patently sitting there waiting for me to return. Who knows what temptation she resisted, how many squirrels ran by or bunnies out for a stroll. So many unpleasant thoughts ran through my head and I nearly kissed the fur off of her head. We’re lucky she’s a doll and nothing happened.


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  1. Sweet Pippi! I am jealous!! My Pippen wriggled out of her harness on her walk with her dad yesterday and ran into the street. Admittedly, she is not the best dog ever – but I don’t think I could love her more!

    1. Pippi will stop at the curb and wait for permission to cross the street. I can’t claim all of her behavior is mine doing. She was easy to train but we did work on this stuff.

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