My Un-Scruffy Terrier

We often call Pippi, Princess. Mostly because we love her so much but she also acts like a little diva most of the time. She likes her comforts and is a bit delicate. Prefers pillows and fleece blankets to the floor. She rarely get water on the floor or even her beard when she drinks. She sits back and lets people come to her for petting. Most of all she looks like a princess. She has very soft smooth furs, for a terrier. It take little grooming to keep it looking good. She is my very un-scruffy terrier.


3 thoughts on “My Un-Scruffy Terrier

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  1. Pippi and Fala!!!!

    Pippi isn’t acting like a Diva…..she is acting like a Scottie Girl. And yes, the world does revolve around her.

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