Pippi didn’t dress up this year, we didn’t have a tricks for treats party to take her too. She did get in the spirit of things with a cute Halloween collat. While it’s not as spooky as her zombie costume from last year, I think she looks lovely.

The collar is actually new, from Scampering Scotties. A friendly pumpkin pattern with a cute pumpkin tag. It was about time to replace the one she wore from her first Halloween.


5 thoughts on “Boo-tiful

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  1. We just wore the bandanas that the Rocky Creek Scotties gave us. And we were banished to the back yard! Pippi does look like a princess.

  2. Maggie had so much fun last night. I kept her on a leash so she could help hand out candy. She didn’t want to come in all night. Sat on the porch, didn’t try to jump on anyone, and even got a kiss from a little, tiny girl. Plus everyone loved her. Great night.

  3. The collar looks so good on her! Obviously we’re behind in our blog reading : ) Thanks for the shout out and continued support!

    Would you mind if we added Pippi’s picture to our customer album on our facebook page?

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