Storm Chasing

This was shaping up to be the first year that Josh and I didn’t end up doing shows in inclement weather.  Our client is very dutiful about keeping their truck in fair weather.  Now our last week this year will be a bit of luck and we did spend some miserably hot weeks down south this summer.

Just like in years past we have been able to just skirt some really destructive storms.  When Irena hit, we were inland enough to only feel heavy rain.  When tornadoes ripped up the south in 2010, we were just 90 ahead of those storms.  When Snow-mageddon hit we only had ice, no power outages.

We left Norfolk, VA the day before Sandy brought the rains and winds, spending the weekend inland.  There hasn’t been a drop of rain and hardly any wind here in Charleston.  It’s not event that cold.  However the girl who liked Minnesota weather shouldn’t be the judge if it’s cold out.

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